Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the hills review.

i will be doing a hills review every week. since i don't have time on mondays, i will be posting the review on the weekend. friday-sunday. give me time! but for now, here is my opinion on what happened already.
okay so-- honestly, i'm starting to like heidi. she is finally giving spencer a talk about what had happened with the bartender. that stacey chick is such a homewrecker. just like stephanie said. but she backtalked and said to stephanie that she was dressed like an animal, just because she was wearing fur. now don't let me get started. spencer is acting like such a ___bag that heidi NEEDS, i repeat, NEEDS to dump him. so the bartender is all over spencer. but why is there so much SPEIDI drama? what about lauren drama? in one of the episodes, lauren got all mad at stephanie because she invited heidi to her surprise party on the yacht. well. that party was certainly something. i thought that the scene when lauren and heidi "make up" was gonna be at the end of the season. i didn't expect it to jump into it just like that. so anyways.. i think audrina is gonna hook up with brody. she doesn't look good with him. hmph. she is obviously beautiful, just not with him. anyways, give me your opinions, contact me on polyvore.


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